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Afternoon Delight


Well, We have looked at morning weddings, and I still think that they are awesome.

However, on to the afternoon wedding. They are especially perfect for a spring or fall wedding. I don’t think I would recommend an afternoon wedding for the Hot southern summers that we have in Memphis, Tennessee. But, Spring or Fall...Perfect!!!

There are several wonderful advantages to an afternoon wedding. Probably  one of your biggest savings would be on food and alcohol. If you do a 2:00 pm wedding, guest have already eaten lunch and it is too early for dinner. You could go with Hors d’eourves, maybe some of them passed with others being at stations. Keep it light with cool and refreshing choices.

The other savings would be on your alcohol. Guest would not typically drink as much in the early afternoon vs. a night time wedding. You could even do a signature Sangria Station. Maybe a beautiful peach/ blackberry sangria or make an awesome Citrus Sangria. Your guest would be wowed and it would be a way to cut down on the expense.By the way, we have a fabulous sangria recipe at Heartwood Hall and Cedar Hall that we would love to share with you.Then finish off with with wedding cake and yummy punch or strawberry lemonade.

When I think of  afternoon weddings, I  visualize girls in sundresses and wide brimmed hats and guys in seersucker suits. OK.... I understand , my guy wouldn’t wear a seersucker suit either. But, hey this is my vision.


There’s no more beautiful setting anywhere in the south for an afternoon wedding than Heartwood Hall or Cedar Hall. Fabulous old oak trees, porch swings, gardens, fountains...you get the picture.

Think about an afternoon wedding when you start your planning.

Happy Wedding,

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