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Your Wedding, Your Way

Here at Heartwood Hall, we do everything we can to make your day a stress-free, blissful start to the rest of your lives together. Whatever we do, through it all, we still have discovered that weddings are full of expectations, stress and sometimes, as an effect, sorrow.  Expectations can be brought on from family members, friends and loved ones that care about you and your day, but their expectation of their tradtions for your wedding, cause you stress and grief. Your big day turns into the thought "I just wish it was over already!" My heart goes out to every bride that feels this way or has in the past. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. 

Take it from a people-pleaser herself, you need to do your wedding, your way. Find a way to have mom's tradtions from her great-great grandmother symbolically at the reception, or in a small way of recognition during the ceremony, if it means a lot to you. Tell so-and-so that it's not their wedding day and that you are going to do it your way, or just don't tell them at all and do it how you want! This day is only about you and your groom! It's YOUR wedding, YOUR way. 

I found this story on the knot and it gave me inspiration for the blog title.  While I don't necessarily agree with everything in this blog, the idea behind the blog should become a trend. Take your traditions, your family's expectations, and put a spin on it. This couple was not very religious, so they took what part of the ceremony was usually a tradition, a symbolic mixing of two families and made it their own expression of mixture. I personally thought you could do this with anything, even if you don't like alcohol. Think of it! In the south, you could do Arnold Palmers, or fruit juices, like Strawberry-Lemonade! The idea from this could grow and grow. Maybe you dont' do it at the ceremony, but at the reception. Think of how you want to do it and do it! It's your day! 

Here is also a pin I found on pinterest about some tradtiions you can make your own spin on! 
Until next time... Happy Planning! xoxo